Mobile/ powerpoint vending

Have a storefront? Coffeeshop.etc?

Ever heard of people asking ” can i charge my mobile here?” or can i use your powerpoint?


We got a solution for your business needs. Link up with us to install a powerpoint / mobile charging vending. Replace your powerpoint into our commercial powerpoint vending and earn.


More and more people are riding ebike, escooter or even need a place to use their laptop but does not have a powerpoint nearby. Why not install this to let them have a chance to use it? It benefit both consumer and business owner.


Not only that. Business owner can install decoration or on the light for a specific duration when coin inserted. Basically “anything using electrical” you can think of

Just a letter box size. Can be install either “indoor” or “outdoor”. We can customize to suit your area.

Setting can be set to $1 to custom mins like 20mins, 30mins.etc


Do note that this is only for placement. not for sale.