Vending machine Placement

Place a Free Vending with us to be part of our partner in Singapore. Why Us? Our Vending are mounted with digital screen that connect business owner with their business and advertise islandwide.




We top up period is usually 1 time a week. If drinks are sold out, you can reach us at our mobile at 98447631.

For Technical issue, We will try our best to make it less than 1 day or even a few hour to reach.

For Placement of drinks vending machine take about 1 week delivery time.

Our Vending corporate color will be pink /white to standardize unless special request

For vending availability, please check with us at 98447631. And for type of vending. you can visit our facebook page at facebook




If my site already have a vending machine, can i still place your vending

Ans: No. usually we will only allow 1 vending at a location. you can either get the existing vendor to remove and we will replace it with our vending,


If my location here have some other vending located at the same storey, can i still request for your vending?

Ans: Yes. as long as those are not our vending.


If im only interested in digital screen advertising, can i do it without the vending.

Ans: Yes. please call 98447631 to find out more

For those who wish to purchase vending machine, Please sms at 98447631


For type of machine, please see below

1) Box Vending


Box Vending. Suit for big item such as big soft toy, electronic product.etc.

Machine come with 20-25 selection.

Energy saving. Power consuming bill around $10 or below per month.

Compact depth to suit store front

Depth 14″ x width 36″ x height 73″ (for custom size, please talk to us)


2) Standard common Vending machine

The drinks vending and snack vending.

This is the most common vending machine that is being place most often. Need not intro much as its everywhere in singapore you can see.

3) Lucky box vending

This latest concept by us, partial drinks, snack and prize winning vending machine